Teletherapy—also called telepsychology, telehealth or telemedicine—involves speaking with a licensed mental health professional remotely. Right now, most teletherapy is done via video chat. At the CCS we use video chat as well audio chat. Most cell phones will enable you to connect with us with video or audio only.

Teletherapy might be right for you.

  • It will save you time - you don't have to travel to and from our offices.
  • Couples or families in different locations can all participate in a teletherapy session.
  • Most insurance companies cover teletherapy.
  • During the current COVID19 pandemic, teletherapy offers access to counseling while we are quarantining.

Teletherapy began when the Department of Veterans Affairs spearheaded the use of teletherapy, as well as the research on its efficacy. Teletherapy for the general public began in the late 1990s as a way of reaching people in remote areas who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to access mental health services. The incorporation of video chatting capabilities in the 2000s gave us the version of teletherapy that we’re familiar with today.