Individual Counseling

The CCS staff welcomes individuals who want to improve their quality of life. We help you narrow your goal to be achievable and tackle an issue where you feel stuck and need additional ideas to move forward. Our goal is to help you recognized some of your existing strengths that you may be overlooking. Some people hesitate to come to therapy because their community may see seeking help as having stigma. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) finds mental health issues are common in the US particularly now during the pandemic. NIMH identified that a one in five adults may be affected and would benefit from individual therapy.

There is a strong relationship between the mind and the health of the body. Therapists can help. We ask for client  feedback to ensure that we are being helpful. We work with a wide range of challenges in both Spanish and English. We are LGBTQI+ friendly and allies. We are respectful of diversity and the autonomy of our clients. We also recognize the expertise clients in their lives.